SWAROVSKI Crystals Elements Fancy Stones 4228 MM6.0X 3.0 F - Cyclamen Opal F (398) ; contenu de paquet:720 ; mm de longueur:6 : mm de largeur: 3


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Fancy Stones are offered in numerous shapes ranging from classical gemstone inspired cuts to progressive trend cuts. They come in a huge assortment of different sizes and colors. Showing either a facetted or flat revers side. Fancy Stones can be glued into pre-cast cavities or used in metal settings. Their precision cut facets assure the highest brilliance and endow design ideas with a unique sparkle.
Couleur: Cyclamen Opal (398)
Conditionnement par 720
Diametre: mm
Largeur: 3 mm
Longueur:6 mm